Introduction of Deguchi Lab.

From this page, you can know more details about Deguchi Lab. For example, you can get information of research topics, members, related conferences and so on. You may be able to imagine what kinds of researches are related to Deguchi Lab. If you have questions about our lab, please mail us.

To get more information about Deguchi Lab, select one of followings.

  • Research Topics
      You can know research topics of our lab. A lot of researches were done by both professors and students. Lists of these researches are shown in this page.

  • Members
      You can find some pictures of all members. And you can also find members' homepage and know members' e-mail address. You may be able to know about a research topic of each student.

  • Links
      Links that are related to our lab. There are some links to other laboratories, conferences, journals and so on. These information are very helpful for understanding our research domain.

  • Past News
      You can get past news from Deguchi Lab. For example, news about website update, news about downloadable materials, and so on. Please check this page for knowing our past.

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