Environment of Deguchi Lab.

Below is a brief introduction of the lab environment in which lab members conduct research related activities.

Student Room(Suzukakedai campus, J2-building, Room1701)

This is the student room of Deguchi laboratory. There are 14 desks in the student room, and office network multifunction devices, magazine rack, bookshelf and personal locker are deployed as well. In addition relaxation space is also provided and lab members can get recharged there.

Personal Space(Suzukakedai campus, J2-building, Room1701)

Research environment of students. Laptop, monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse are provided to each student. You can choose your favorite operating system, but currently Mac OS is dominated in the lab and almost all the students are Mac user. When you are at lab, you can enjoy the large monitor by connecting your laptop to it. When you go back home or attend seminars you can bring your laptop with you. You can freely use the provided equipment according to your research need.

Seminar Room(Suzukakedai campus, J2-building, Room1708)

This is the seminar room. Various research meetings are conducted in this room, including not only the regularly scheduled lab seminar but also SOARS Project and collaboration research meeting with other organization. In the seminar room there is a large volume of books in various fields available and the students can freely read them. As shown in the right corner of the following picture there is a shared machine located behind the bookshelf. We can carry out relatively heavy processing tasks such as image processing, video processing, PDF editing and video delivery on it. Besides Snap-Scan, scanners and inkjet printers are also connected and we can use them as needed.

Relaxation space(Suzukakedai campus, J2-building, Room1701)

Relaxation space is also provided in case you are tired of doing research or want to have a small gathering. Sofa bunk bed is provided such that the students can take a nap there. Microwave, refrigerator and water heater are also provided such that the students can have a light meal in this space. In addition jointly purchased food and beverage such as instant noodles, frozen foods and juice are available, and not only Deguchi lab students but also students from other labs can have them. Besides, large LCD TV and multimedia PC are available as well and the students can play game or take a break during the study here. The large screen is super cool!! Moreover content-related information gathering can be conducted here. In the following picture, the Sofa bunk bed is on the right hand side while in the left hand side is the large LCD TV.

BBQ set

As introduced in the "Student life" session, Deguchi laboratory holds several BBQ gathering every year. Since there are three BBQ sets owned by the lab, BBQ can be held at any time. One graduate said that the BBQ experience gained here was very helpful for the BBQ gathering organized by companies.

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