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Deguchi Lab of Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology has a research focus of understanding, investigating and analyzing divergent existing social phenomena and problems through simulation models. For instance, research questions closely related to our lives such as “What phenomenon will arise if infectious diseases spread in metropolis”, “What is the optimized number of workers needed in mansion construction process” and “How will the electricity market respond to the development and wide adoption of natural energy” are our major research interests. (For more information on research works, please check the Research website. Research related introductory video is also available.)

The research themes of Deguchi Lab are generally called social systems and social simulation. Within this research realm, we aim at developing a new paradigm of social and economic systems theory under the keyword “Establishing Agent Based Social Systems Sciences” (ABSSS).

If you are interested in any topic introduced above, please do visit our laboratory. E-mail contact is available at the bottom of this page and all kinds of question are welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Following is a poem composed especially for Prof. Deguchi by Mr. Sahiko Yamato.

Research Topics

  • Agent based model and agent based simulation (Methodology)
  • Mathematical model (Methodology)
  • Health care service and health care simulation (Infectious diseases, health care system, and emergency medicine)
  • Urban simulation (Urban planning, population dynamics, and policy design)
  • Electricity simulation (Power saving effect, electricity market, and green energy)
  • Energy management (EMS, HEMS, FEMS, and CEMS)
  • Gaming simulation (Education, training, and workshop/discussion)
  • Others (E-government, SNS, recommender systems, and mobile phone market, etc.)

Besides the above-mentioned research topics, please visit the website Research for more information.

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We continuously update our blog entries to record our regular lab seminar and all kinds of event. If you want to know more about the research life, past blog entries are available in Blog website. You would also have the opportunity to hear the voice from our students.

For perspective students

We have open positions for Master course and Doctoral course (full-time and part-time) offered by Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, and Department of Value and Decision Science. Final year bachelor students are also welcomed. General information about Prof. Deguchi, his research philosophy and the research topics could be found in website About the lab and Research. If you want to know more about us, it is strongly recommended to follow the introductory session organized by the Graduate School, to visit our lab and to contact us directly.

Schedule of Introductory Session organized by Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, 2013:

Currently the session is closed. If you want to experience our lab, please contact us directly.

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